TV Transition Wrapping Up

Posted on June 30th, 2020 by

The decade long process of relocating television stations to channels 2-36 will officially end on July 3, 2020, though a small number of stations will have a bit longer to complete their transitions based on unique circumstances.

For stations entitled to reimbursement, it is critically important to continue to file for reimbursement and provide any information the FCC is requesting to support those requests.  In coming months, we anticipate that the FCC will announce procedures related to the finalization and close out of reimbursement rights for stations.  In connection with that process, we expect the FCC to commence random audits of reimbursed stations to ensure that funds were expended on the expenses approved during the reimbursement process.  Stations should retain all documentation of expenditures incurred.  Any funds received but not used will ultimately have to be returned to the US Treasury.