HCCB's attorneys know the broadcasting business and can help you navigate
FCC and other hurdles.


HCCB can assist you with the myriad of
federal, state and local regulations
affecting your business.

Local Government

HCCB represents local governments and
the businesses who interact with them.

Intellectual Property

HCCB has extensive experience
protecting the rights of copyright and
trademark owners.

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Experienced Attorneys Focusing on Broadcasting, Communications, Intellectual Property & Local Government Law

Hardy, Carey, Chautin & Balkin LLP is an AV Rated metro New Orleans communications law firm that has a nationwide practice, representing clients in a wide range of matters involving:

  • Telecommunications
  • Broadcasting
  • Internet law
  • Media regulations
  • Copyright issues
  • Local government law
  • Zoning law

Ashton R. Hardy, who served as General Counsel to the Federal Communications Commission in the mid 1970’s, founded the firm.  Today, the firm’s attorneys carry on his legacy of service.  For decades now, we have been providing legal counsel to individuals, government agencies, and businesses, including introducing legislation at the federal state and local levels.

Receive Comprehensive Legal Support in the Following Areas

  • Broadcasting Law – Before completing any broadcasting transactions or licensing agreements, or filing required reports and applications with the FCC, contact our attorneys for broadcasting legal assistance. Our team has vast experience helping clients interested in purchasing or selling a radio or TV station, complying with regulations, filing and prosecuting FCC applications, or in need of legal counsel for general broadcasting challenges.
  • Telecommunications Law – Whether you are a facility-based provider, reseller, or wireless carrier, our attorneys can help you through negotiation processes, the administering of contracts, the completion of zoning procedures, and much more.
  • Intellectual Property Law – Your entire business could crumble if your intellectual property is not properly protected from day one. With experience representing clients before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and federal courts, we can help you understand and identify your intellectual property in order to safeguard these important assets.
  • Local Government Law – Our attorneys have represented local government entities from around the country, and have also provided counsel to the local businesses that interact with these governments. Whether you need help with zoning ordinances, contracts, compliance issues, or any other local government legal challenge, contact our offices to learn about your solutions.

Receive Ongoing Legal Support from Knowledgeable Attorneys

Hardy, Carey, Chautin & Balkin LLP is committed to providing clients around the country with reliable and continuous legal support. Not only will our qualified and experienced attorneys provide top-notch legal services for specific business challenges, but we also act as counselors who advise on legal matters so you can avoid costly errors as you build your business or refine your processes.

Contact our offices today to learn how our attorneys can assist you or your organization.