TV Repack Reimbursement Invoice Filing Deadline Reminder

Posted on April 30th, 2021 by

An April 8, 2021 FCC public notice reminds repacked TV stations eligible for reimbursement that deadlines to submit invoices are on the horizon.  Though the deadlines represent the last day for submitting invoices, the FCC is encouraging all stations – in all repack phases – to submit invoices and initiate close-out procedures as early as possible.

Final invoice deadlines for full power and Class A TV stations are October 8, 2021 for stations assigned transition completion dates in phases 1-5, and March 22, 2022 for those assigned to phases 6-10.  For LPTV and TV translator stations, the deadline is September 5, 2022.  If a station was granted permission to change phases, it should follow the deadline associated with its revised phase completion date.