TV Channel-Sharing Test Planned

Posted on February 10th, 2014 by

Two television stations in California, KJLA and KLCS, are planning a test with the assistance of wireless trade associations to see if the FCC’s suggested channel-sharing solution to incentivize broadcaster participation in the auction will actually work as advertised.

Though news and blog reports suggest that the stations plan on seeking FCC approval for the test, no details were available on the FCC’s online systems.  According to its website, KJLA offers 10 different digital programming streams, while KLCS’ website reports four programming streams.

According to FCC proposals, stations that channel share will still enjoy all the rights and have all the obligations of a full power television station.  The theory is that one of the two stations that channel-share would be able to relinquish its 6 mHz channel, likely in conjunction with an agreement (subject to FCC approval) to share in the auction proceeds from the relinquished channel.