Short Term Renewal for NCE-FM Station

Posted on October 30th, 2014 by

It’s rare, but every now and again, the FCC grants a renewal, but for less than a normal 8 year term because of some (really) bad regulatory oversights by the broadcaster. And sometimes, they pile on with a monetary forfeiture as well.

The latest station to experience this treatment found out about it a few days ago. The station filed its renewal application about four months too late, and then self-reported that it had not completed or placed in the public inspection file any of the 32 quarterly issues/programs reports during the prior license term. The station tried to dodge by seeking relief under the FCC’s new policy giving a one-time break to student-run college radio stations, but the FCC found that a college staff member was in charge so the new policy didn’t apply. The end result – a four year license renewal, a $13,500 fine, and annual reporting requirements. And then they’ll have the pleasure of filing a new license renewal application.