Second FM Translator Window for AM Stations Open Until Halloween

Posted on September 30th, 2016 by

The second FM translator filing window for AM stations originally opened on July 29th, but applications can continue to be filed in the window until it closes October 31,  2016.  All classes of AM stations are eligible to file applications in the window seeking to relocate non-reserved band translators up to 250 miles for use with an AM station.

The FCC continues to process and grant singleton applications (i.e., those that are not mutually exclusive with others filed on the same day). If an application is mutually exclusive with another same-day filed translator application, the FCC looks to the filing parties to both determine and resolve the mutually exclusivity (though, as we recently learned, it does send an email advising of the mutual exclusivity). Agreements to dismiss and modify are permitted, as are payments to incentivize a party to dismiss or modify, provided that appropriate disclosures are made to the FCC.