Post-Auction Reminders/Deadlines Public Notice

Posted on August 31st, 2018 by

If you’re a TV station that must transition to a new post-auction television channel, the staggering number and type of FCC filings is – let’s be honest – overwhelming. Yes, we know, that states the obvious. So why give you this painful reminder? Well, the FCC actually issued a reminder notice recently that helps you to sort through what you have to file and when – all in the space of 12 pages instead of the nightmare of multiple different orders, notices and rules. We think that deserves some applause (ok, golf claps).

In a few places (mostly in footnotes) the FCC actually does some pretty decent tap dancing to change some of its former guidance on who has to file certain items, and when. Particularly helpful are the charts setting out the deadlines for seeking a permit extension, if necessary, and the date for the filing of transition progress reports 10 weeks prior to a station’s phase transition date (permit deadline). Many stations can only construct their new facilities by first reducing power or hanging a temporary antenna for continued pre-auction channel operations while construction is completed. In those cases, special temporary authority is required and must be filed for and obtained before such operations are commenced. The notice also reminds stations about required notifications as well as requests for waiver and modification of a station’s assigned transition phase.

The testing period for phase one of the transition will begin on September 14, 2018. All stations assigned to phase one must complete the transition to their new post-auction channel no later than November 30, 2018.