Outdated Analog TV Rules Cleanup Rulemaking Launched

Posted on September 29th, 2022 by

In a news release, the FCC announced that it has adopted a rulemaking to eliminate outdated analog television rules that are no longer necessary because of the completion of the digital television transition.  The rulemaking is available here.  It is quite lengthy but especially worth reading where the FCC proposes to clarify a rule based on prior adopted orders – a few of those might alter station rights going forward.

This item marks the first comprehensive review of the television rules since the digital transition. Specifically, the NPRM asks for comment on a number of proposals, including eliminating rules regarding analog operating requirements that no longer have any practical effect given the digital transition. The NPRM also proposes to delete outdated rules that are no longer valid given past changes in Commission-adopted policy. In addition, the NPRM proposes to reorganize a portion of the Commission’s technical television rules to make the rules easier to find and more practical for users.  Certain rule revisions affect all stations, not just television.