OPIF Now A Reality

Posted on June 30th, 2016 by

All TV stations were “transitioned” to the FCC’s brand spanking new Online Public Inspection File (OPIF) system on June 24, 2016, and several radio stations were required to join them as well. Was your radio station supposed to join the OPIF crowd? Only if it was in the top 50 radio markets and had five or more full-time employees. Those stations were mandated to enjoy the thrill of using OPIF going forward, though they have until December 24, 2016 to upload any prior items from the old paper file.

Eager radio stations not meeting the required market/employee threshold shouldn’t feel left out. Their turn will come in early 2018, when OPIF becomes mandatory for all radio stations, unless of course, a station decides to leap into the OPIF world voluntarily before then.

For those now living in the OPIF world, don’t forget to upload your 2nd quarter issues and programs report by July 10, 2016. If you forget, and put it in late, the date-stamp on the upload will tell of your lateness to the FCC, and you will have no recourse but to admit your tardiness come license renewal time. And that admission can result in a cash payment to the FCC. So be extra careful!