Not One, but Two FM Translator Auctions Scheduled

Posted on February 26th, 2018 by

After 15 years, an auction for FM translator construction permits from Auction 83 — a general commercial translator proceeding first begun in 2003 and delayed for multiple reasons — has now been scheduled for those mutually exclusive applications that remain. A total of 43 mutually exclusive groups have been identified as remaining, involving just over 100 applications. Only those applicants can bid in the auction, which will begin June 21, 2018. It’s worth checking the list to see if one of those applications is yours. The FCC’s January 16, 2018 Public Notice provides all the details, including what will be a “remedial” filing window (to be announced) during which applicants must update FCC Form 175 to become qualified to participate in the auction. Without a filed update, the applicant will be disqualified from the auction.

The FCC has also scheduled an auction for FM translator construction permits from Auction 99, a cross-service FM translator proceeding initiated in 2017. Only 12 mutually exclusive groups and a total of 26 applications are involved – pretty amazing after roughly 1000 applications were filed in this proceeding. The FCC’s January 31, 2018 Public Notice proposed familiar bidding procedures, and listed the 26 applications involved. Auction 99 is only open to those applicants, and then only if they follow the procedures to qualify as bidders. Bidding in Auction 99 is scheduled to begin May 15, 2018.