New FCC Fees Take Effect July 3, 2014

Posted on June 30th, 2014 by

Get ready to pay a little more for your applications and reports at the FCC. Starting July 3, the new fee schedule will take effect. Fees have not been adjusted since 2009 and in the interim five-year period, there have been increases in the consumer price index which triggered the most recent review and increase.

An application to renew your license will now set you back $190, $15 more than before. Want to assign a license via a long form 314? It will be $1,050, or $80 more. Short form assignments and transfers via form 316 are only $10 more at $150.   Ownership reports only went up a modest $5 to $65. STAs will now set you back $190. Since almost all filing is now done electronically, it will be up to the CDBS and other systems to advise of the correct fees. Still, it doesn’t hurt to know how much an application or report will set you back before you hit send.