New Cross-Service FM Translator Update

Posted on August 31st, 2017 by

The FCC’s first filing window for Class C and D AM stations to file for new cross-service FM translator permits closed on August 2nd, with over 1000 applications filed, exceeding most expectations. In the few days following the end of the window, the FCC staff did some digging and dismissed a small percentage of the window-filed applications, most because the AM station specified as the primary station had previously been designated as the primary station in one of the two 2016 250-mile relocation filing windows.

So what’s next? A singleton list, which many believed would have been issued by now. This would be the list of applications that are not mutually exclusive with another filed application, and can therefore proceed to a grant after the filing of a full Form 349 application. So if your application is still pending, be ready for the singleton notice, which will include a deadline for the filing of Form 349.

Those applications that aren’t singletons will be addressed in a notice that allows mutually exclusive applicants to settle via technical amendments or perhaps dismissal agreements. Those applicants may also have to address any deficiencies in their associated Form 175 auction disclosure forms.

If your Class C or D station missed this window, or yours is a Class A or B AM station, a second window will be held, so you haven’t missed out. The timing of that second window is not known, and likely will turn on how quickly the FCC completes processing applications from the first window.