New Cross-Service FM Translator Update

Posted on September 28th, 2017 by

Almost two months have now passed since the close of the FCC’s first 2017 filing window for Class C and D AM stations for new cross-service FM translator permits. The Audio Division has kept pretty quiet on the processing timeline for applications filed during the window. We do know that over 1000 applications were filed, and about 25 were dismissed for various disqualifying reasons. All other applicants are waiting for official word from the FCC on the next steps for their applications.

There is enough information in the FCC’s database for engineers to determine whether an application is mutually exclusive with another one, so applicants can get a pretty good idea of whether their proposal is a “singleton” and can be granted once the FCC gives a green light for stations to file a complete application. The anti-collusion rules remain in effect, so be careful regarding discussions about your application’s status or any bidding strategy if your application ends up being mutually exclusive with another (remember, this is an auction proceeding).

We know, we know, the waiting is the hardest part (so says Tom Petty). We’re listening for rumors, or even hints from the staff. Nothing yet. We think they may be combining the announcement about this window with the scheduling and announcement of the second window, which will be open to all AM station classes. But we really don’t know. So that’s just a guess. In the meantime, don’t lose hope.