National EAS Test August 11th

Posted on July 30th, 2021 by

The FCC’s 2021 Nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System is slated for August 11, 2021 with a back-up date of August 25.  This public notice spells out the procedures.

By now, EAS participants should have filed ETRS Form One identifying their station, equipment and related technical details.  That form can be corrected up until August 5 (or filed for the first time if a station forgot to file it earlier this month when due).  ETRS Form Two must be filed no later than August 12, 2021, and will report whether the test was received and transmitted.  ETRS Form Three must be filed no later than September 27, 2021, and will report any issues that an EAS participant experienced with the test.  It is possible to file ETRS Form Three when the ETRS Form Two is filed.

In an unusual move, on July 22 the FCC sent emails from with a reminder to the low-power broadcasting community about the upcoming test.  We have not previously seen email reminders in advance of national tests.  Participation and compliance by low-power stations has been problematic in the past, so the FCC may be adding to its outreach efforts to change that narrative.