Mutually Exclusive LPFM Tentative Selectees Announced

Posted on September 22nd, 2014 by

The FCC’s Audio Division continues to process applications from the 2013 LPFM filing window at a record-setting pace. In its most recent action, the FCC announced the points-winners from 111 mutually exclusive LPFM application groups. Anyone objecting to the selection of the tentative “winners” has until October 6, 2014 to file an objection.

The same public notice gives a potential second chance to LPFM applicants that were not tentatively selected as winners. Those applicants have a 90-day period to make frequency or transmitter site changes to their applications and try to get a permit that way.

Full power stations should remain alert for LPFM modification applications, as many are requesting waivers on second adjacent channels. These regularly appear on public notice, and if there are interference concerns, full power stations only have 30 days to file objections. While there are a few LPFM applicants using qualified consulting engineers to do their engineering, the vast majority of applicants do not have such expertise on board, and errors are therefore more likely.