Media Bureau Transitions More Filings to LMS; Introduces New Form

Posted on May 31st, 2022 by

In a May 2, 2022 public notice, the Media Bureau announced that as of May 17, 2022, several filings would be required and become available in the Licensing Management System (LMS).  Included in the list are FM Engineering STAs and extensions, Silent STAs and extensions, suspension of operations notices, resumption of operations notices, AM/FM digital notifications, Modulation Dependent Carrier Level (MDCL) notifications, tolling notifications, reduced power notifications, and pending application withdrawals.

We noticed a new form in the FCC’s public notice that had not previously been available in CDBS.  It involves providing notice to the FCC when the primary station for an FM translator is changed.  Previously, such notices were done informally via email to FCC staff members.  Those emails weren’t always effective in getting the databases updated, and many follow-up communications were required.  Sometimes, the staff asked for coverage maps to prove that the primary station change was lawful under the rules.

The new form will certainly help with streamlining the process of changing a primary station.  However, a significant amount of information is required.  Specifically, the form requires the uploading of an exhibit (i) addressing that the change is for a licensed FM translator facility, (ii) indicating whether it applies to all pending/recently granted translator applications, (iii) providing a contour map showing the protected contour of the primary station and the translator station, (iv) defining if the translator will be a fill-in or non-fill-in with respect to the primary station and specifying the delivery method, (v) indicating if HD2, HD3 or HD4 digital stream will be used, and (vi) for AM primary stations, indicating if the translator was part of the revitalization windows.

The new forms are available at various (and, unfortunately, not intuitive) locations once a station logs in to LMS with its FRN.  STA extensions or tolling notifications are in the pull down menu under the Authorizations tab (after selecting the STA authorization).  Withdrawals are filed from the “Submitted” tab on the applications page.  All other filings require the user to start with the Facilities page by selecting the FRN of the facility for which a filing is desired.