LPTV / TV Translator Displacement Reimbursement Filing Deadline Extended

Posted on October 31st, 2019 by

LPTV and TV translator stations that were displaced by the post-auction repack now have until November 14, 2019 to make two filings in order to receive funds. The FCC extended the original October 15 deadline by public notice on October 8, 2019. The notice encourages stations not to wait until the end of the filing period (hint – LMS gets very slow near filing deadlines). Oh, and if you’re not in the eastern time zone, beware – the November 14, 2019 deadline ends at 11:59 PM eastern time.

Two forms must be filed by the new November 14, 2019 deadline. First, a Form 399 Eligibility Certification must be completed and filed, with documentation uploaded to prove eligibility. Second, a separate Form 399 Estimate/Request for Reimbursement must also be filed. The FCC will then confirm eligibility and arrive at an allocation for each station. Failure to file either or both forms will forfeit a station’s right to reimbursement.