Legacy CORES Retirement

Posted on May 31st, 2022 by

The FCC has announced that as of July 15, 2022, it will retire the CORES legacy system that generated FRNs and passwords for new users. Once Legacy CORES is retired, users will be unable to make any changes to their FRNs in that system, including resetting their passwords, and will have to use CORES2 instead. Users will need to register in CORES2 to gain online access and manage their FRN(s).

Using CORES2 for FRN-related transactions requires FRN registrants to set up an account with a unique username (by providing a valid e-mail address) and password to associate with their existing or new FRN(s).  The FRN registrant’s email address is then established in the system as their username. Users already registered in CORES2 can continue to manage their FRNs in CORES2 without change. No additional actions are required for CORES2 users.

A CORES username will eventually be required for all FCC filings.  Licensees can use the username system to control access to their accounts, including by disabling access for employees that change jobs or are terminated.