Final Day for EAS Participants to File ETRS Form One

Posted on February 28th, 2023 by

Stations that are EAS participants have had two months to complete and submit EAS Form One in the FCC’s EAS Test Reporting System (ETRS).  Today, February 28, 2023, is the deadline for completing those submissions.   We have heard anecdotally of some access or ETRS stability issues for these filings, so if you have not yet submitted the form, we recommend that you begin those attempts as early as possible before the midnight deadline.

ETRS can be accessed at this link.  A CORES Username login is required to access and submit the form.  We understand that ETRS will remain open for late EAS Form One filings through March 30, so if you miss the deadline, file as soon as possible afterward and before March 30.  Late but filed is better than never filed.

In a late breaking wrinkle, we obtained information from the FCC about whether FM Translators rebroadcasting daytime-only AM Stations are required to have EAS capabilities and file ETRS Forms.  The Commission’s rules are silent on this question, referring only to FM translators that rebroadcast FM stations.  FM translator stations generally do not need their own EAS equipment because they rebroadcast full power stations and rebroadcast those stations’ EAS tests, etc.  But where an FM translator rebroadcasts a daytime-only AM station (and then originates programming at night), the FCC staff has clarified that such an FM translator is required to have EAS equipment/capabilities and must submit EAS Form One.  If you have a daytime AM station with an FM translator that continues to operate at night, we are available to answer any questions regarding equipment or Form One filing requirements.

The FCC has not yet announced a date for a National EAS Test, which is expected later this year. We will contact clients when that occurs.