FCC’s CDBS Transitioned to Archive Status

Posted on January 31st, 2022 by

In a sudden move likely tied to software stability issues, the FCC announced on January 11 that its Consolidate Database System (CDBS) would no longer support active application filings and provided guidance on how those filings should now be submitted.  CDBS has been the primary filing database for broadcasters since the 1990s but was slowly being replaced by the Licensing Management System.  CDBS stopped accepting filings of any kind on January 12, 2022.  Station CDBS access codes and passwords are now moot.  Thus far, CDBS remains available as a searchable database for a station’s prior filings or report submissions to the FCC.

As a quick review, the following filings that are not yet available in LMS and were previously possible only in CDBS now need to be submitted by email to audiofilings@fcc.gov.  If a filing requires an FCC form, the FCC requires that the form be downloaded and completed in PDF format.  Informal filings such as requests for special temporary authority or silent station notifications can be submitted by letter in PDF or word format.  The subject line of any email submitted should include the nature of the submission, the call sign and facility id of the station (if any) and any relevant docket number or file number. Media Bureau staff will reply to emails to confirm receipt, though that may take one to two business days.