FCC Wants Comment on Petition for Content Vendor Diversity Report

Posted on May 31st, 2022 by

In the days immediately following the submission by FUSE, LLC and others requesting that the FCC initiate a rulemaking proceeding to adopt a content vendor diversity report, the FCC issued this notice on May 23, 2022 seeking comment from the public as to whether it should move forward with a rulemaking.  Comments are due July 22nd with Reply Comments due August 22nd.

The petitioners want the FCC to require licensees and regulatees in television broadcast, cable, broadband and satellite services to collect diversity data from the content vendors they use for both their traditional regulated platforms as well as for their affiliated or commonly owned streaming video distribution platforms.  According to the petitioners, doing so would serve twin purposes of enhancing FCC decision-making on competition and viewpoint diversity and informing the public so they can make informed decisions about the video services they use.