FCC Under December 27 Deadline to Reach Decision in 2018 Quadrennial Review of Broadcast Ownership Rules

Posted on November 30th, 2023 by

The FCC Chairwoman has now circulated a draft Report & Order in the FCC’s 2018 Quadrennial Review of its broadcast ownership rules, where a possible relaxation of the local radio ownership rules and the future of the television dual network rule are at issue.  The circulated draft comes too late to make the agenda for the FCC’s December 13th open meeting.  In the absence of a decision by the court-ordered December 27th deadline, the FCC will have to report to the court why it has not been able to release an order.  To borrow a popular analogy, it would be safe to say that the Commission is on a proverbial “hot seat” provided by a US Court of Appeals that of late has not looked kindly upon the authority of administrative agencies.  In the end, with the addition of a 3rd Democratically appointed commissioner, a 3-2 decision along partisan lines is likely. But issuing an Order by the December 27th deadline? Maybe not so likely.