FCC Silences LPFM Groups’ Attempts to Limit Grant Of FM Translator Permits

Posted on June 28th, 2018 by

The FCC has now spoken (thankfully) on an ill-timed and overly broad informal objection filed by Low Power FM groups against nearly 1,000 pending FM translator applications. In a six-page letter decision issued June 8, 2018, the FCC’s new Audio Division Chief, Albert Shuldiner considered but summarily overruled each of the arguments raised by the groups. In some instances, the issues raised by the groups were so devoid of merit or contained obvious defects that Shuldiner’s decision could be read as a rebuke of the groups for delaying the processing of FM translator permits and the AM revitalization effort.

Shuldiner’s ruling eliminated the need for individual applicants to respond to the informal objection and cleared the way for FM translator application processing to resume. Several hundred permits have since been issued. Kudos to Mr. Shuldiner for stepping in to keep the AM revitalization on track.