FCC Repack Site Visits

Posted on March 31st, 2022 by

In a Public Notice last month, the FCC announced that a post-implementation site visit program was beginning and that its third-party contractor would be reaching out to randomly selected repack stations to schedule visits.  To our knowledge, those contacts have not yet begun, and we have heard no reports from TV stations scheduling a visit.  The purpose of the visits is to validate the existence and operational status of post-transition equipment for which the entity received reimbursement, and to ensure that such equipment is being used by the fund participant for its intended purpose.

If your station received repack funds, be looking for a letter via overnight mail and via email to the entity’s reimbursement point of contact.   The contractor will provide stations an opportunity to participate in a pre-visit teleconference to coordinate timing and other details of the visit.  Pre-visit teleconferences will be set at mutually convenient times thereafter.