FCC Pushes Forward with Class A TV | LPTV Rulemaking

Posted on June 28th, 2024 by

The FCC has adopted a rulemaking to overhaul its Class A, low power television and television translator rules, and announced a July 29th deadline to file comments in the proceeding. The scope of the rule changes is broad, and several new rules are proposed.

The rulemaking considers requiring certain LPTV stations to maintain an online public inspection file and adopting procedures for establishing one. Related to that rule change is another one that would specify public inspection and political broadcasting requirements applicable to all LPTV stations.

On the technical side, the NPRM seeks to amend the method for calculating the maximum distance that a displaced or channel sharing station may move under the LPTV/TV translator displacement rule, revising the LPTV/TV translator minor change rule to clarify the maximum distance that Class A and LPTV/TV translator stations may move.  Changes to the timing and triggers for displacement applications are also proposed.  Another rule change would prohibit LPTV/TV translator station operations above TV channel 36.