FCC Online Filing Systems Hiccup

Posted on June 29th, 2023 by

In the latest glitch involving FCC online filing systems, the FCC’s Universal Licensing (ULS), Antenna Structure Registration, Tower Construction Notification, and E-106 filing systems took an operational nap starting on the evening of June 9 until resurfacing eleven days later on June 21.

The FCC issued a notice on June 13th about the outages, extending certain filing deadlines.  A new notice came out on June 21st announcing that operations had been restored, and extending all regulatory filing deadlines until Friday, June 30, 2023, longer than originally announced.  If you attempted a filing during these down periods and are uncertain of whether filings have now been timely made, please contact us for assistance.

Without any public notice, the FCC’s Licensing Management System (LMS) also had a serious 4-5-day period when documents could not be uploaded to applications, and therefore could not be completed and filed.  The FCC displayed a banner when LMS users logged in, but the banner only stated that the FCC was experiencing issues with document “downloads” from LMS.  This issue has now been rectified.