FCC Launches Proceeding to Overhaul Rules for Class A and Low Power TV Stations

Posted on May 30th, 2024 by

At its June 6th meeting, the FCC is expected to adopt a proposed rulemaking to overhaul and adopt new rules applicable to Class A and low power television stations. A draft of the rulemaking has been made public, and two special dockets were created to receive any input before the June 6th scheduled vote.  Actual new and changed rules would only be adopted after the FCC votes to approve the rulemaking, and receives comments from the public and broadcasters.

The proposed rule changes are significant and, in many cases, would alter the regulatory landscape for lower powered television stations.  Possible rules include requiring certain LPTV stations to comply with the same online public file requirements applicable to full power and Class A television stations, making public inspection and political broadcasting rules applicable to all LPTV stations, changing minimum operating and video programming requirements for LPTV stations, imposing new requirements for changing a Class A or LTPV station’s community of license, and changing numerous technical rules regarding operation of lowered powered television stations. Class A and LPTV station owners should pay close attention to this proceeding and consider weighing in with comments.