FCC Launches Another EEO Audit Round for Radio Stations

Posted on June 30th, 2020 by

On June 9, 2020, the FCC announced a new round of broadcast station 2020 EEO audits (the first one was in February), listing another 35 randomly selected radio stations.  The deadline for these stations to respond is July 24, 2020.  Stations randomly audited in 2018, 2019 or 2020, and those whose renewal applications were granted after June 1, 2018 may not have to respond and should email lewis.pulley@fcc.gov to confirm that they are exempt.

Stations that have five or more full-time employees (30 hours per week on average) are required to prepare an EEO public file report each year on the anniversary of their deadline for filing a license renewal application.  The report must be placed in the station online public file and posted on a station’s website if it has one.  If a station has five or more-full timers when it files for renewal, the last two EEO public file reports must be submitted to the FCC.  So, even if your station isn’t randomly audited, EEO scrutiny will arrive at license renewal time.  Keep all records and timely complete reporting to avoid adverse action.

Compliance Tip:  The EEO audit letter sent to your station by the FCC must be immediately uploaded to the station online public file in the EEO Records Section, Additional Documents Tab, in the “EEO Audits, Investigations & Complaints” Folder.  The same applies to the station’s submitted response (that’s how you respond, by uploading it), and the FCC’s eventual audit conclusion letter.