FCC Kicks Off Radio License Renewals With Two Public Notices

Posted on April 29th, 2019 by

In two separate public notices issued April 15, 2019, the FCC announced revised procedures for all broadcast stations. In the first notice, it officially announced that the license renewal form was being migrated to the License Management System, along with the EEO Program Report. The new electronic forms will be available for the first time on May 1, 2019 (though we heard something today that sounded more like May 3, 2019, so the date may be sliding). Applicants will have to log in with their FCC Registration Number (FRN).

In the second notice, the FCC gives step-by-step instructions about the forms in LMS, and includes a link to the new March 2019 form instructions so that applicants can review the FCC’s guidance for each question. We’re told that guidance will also be available in pop up boxes while stations are completing the form. One drawback that we’ve noted is that instead of providing a text box to provide exhibits when necessary, applicants will have to upload an exhibit to include any explanations to renewal questions.

The FCC is apparently in the process of migrating many other radio forms to LMS and will announce these in coming months.