FCC Grants Some Pennsylvania Radio Renewals with Date Error

Posted on July 28th, 2022 by

As has typically been the case during the license renewal process over the last 2 years, the FCC’s Audio Division begins granting radio renewals that have no issues approximately 10 days prior to the date the license will expire.  The Audio Division followed that approach with recently granted radio station license renewals in Pennsylvania, granting several hundred on July 23, 2022 – about 9 days before the August 1 license expiration dates for those stations.

There was only one issue with the granted renewals – instead of showing a new license term ending August 1, 2030, both LMS and the renewal postcards showed the new license term ending June 30, 2030.  We contacted the FCC to see if perhaps they just didn’t really like Pennsylvania radio stations and decided to short their new renewal terms by two months.  We were relieved to learn that an outside contractor had messed up the date, and told that it would be corrected in coming days.  Four days later, we noticed that LMS did in fact reflect the proper license term expiration dates of August 1, 2030, however, the corrected date didn’t flow through to the renewal postcard when it was selected.  We’re not sure that will actually be corrected in the end, but at least the database is correct.

This is a good reminder to review for accuracy any authorization that the FCC grants.  We’ve seen glitches with construction permits and licenses, and now for the first time with renewal grants.  If you see a mistake, let the FCC staff know and they will get it fixed.