FCC Announces Second Round of Broadcast Station EEO Audits

Posted on October 31st, 2023 by

In a public notice issued October 30, 2023, the FCC announced its second round of broadcast station EEO audits in 2023.  The notice, which includes the letter to licensees and a list of the stations audited, places the deadline for responding as December 14, 2023.

Stations on the list should upload a copy of the audit letter to their online public file, and then begin gathering the information needed to respond to the audit.  As with the last several audits, stations must respond to the audit by uploading their response to the online public file by the deadline instead of mailing anything to the FCC.  Extensions, or clarifications of response obligations can be obtained via EB-eeo@fcc.gov or calling 202-418-1450.  The scope of audits can make responding very time consuming, so getting started early is wise.

As a recent decision makes clear, the FCC takes EEO compliance very seriously, and appears to be increasing fine amounts for discovered infractions.