Early 2019 For Next Gen TV License Applications?

Posted on July 31st, 2018 by

The FCC issued a July 17, 2018 notice that its Next Gen TV rules adopted in November 2017 have now been approved by the Office of Management & Budget. The Media Bureau is making changes to the Licensing & Management System (LMS) to accommodate Next Gen TV license applications, with a completion target date of early 2019. As soon as the LMS modifications are complete, the Media Bureau will issue a notice that it will accept Next Gen TV applications. The Bureau is continuing to consider requests to commence ATSC 3.0 market trials and product development under its existing experimental licensing rules.

FCC Incubator Program Taking Shape

At its August meeting, the FCC is expected to vote on a proposal to establish the requirements that will govern its incubator program to support the entry of new and diverse voices into the broadcast industry. The incubator program concept was originally adopted in 2017. The program is expected to pair established broadcasters with small aspiring new entrants or struggling broadcast station owners who lack access to capital, or have little operational experience. Established broadcasters would provide training, mentoring, financial and operational support to new or struggling broadcasters. As discussed, the program would first apply to radio since it is the most accessible entry point for new entrants.