December 1 Deadline for DTV Ancillary/Supplemental Services Report

Posted on November 30th, 2023 by

December 1, 2023 is the deadline for full power, low power and Class A television stations to file FCC Form 2100, Schedule G, and pay 5% of gross revenues from any ancillary or supplementary services provided between October 1, 2022 and September 30, 2023.  Noncommercial television stations pay on 2.5% of gross revenue.  Instructions for completing and submitting Schedule G can be reviewed at this link.

Stations only have to file this report and remit payment if they actually transmitted ancillary and supplemental services during the applicable period.  Ancillary and supplemental services include computer software distribution, data transmissions, teletext, interactive materials, aural messages, paging services, or audio signals, and subscription video.  Free over the air video content is not an ancillary or supplemental service.