Cross-Service FM Translator Singleton Processing Window

Posted on November 30th, 2017 by

November 29th was the deadline for all mutually exclusive FM translator applications filed earlier this year in Auction 99 to file amendments or settlements. Those that did will be processed accordingly. Those that did not will have to wait for a “highest bidder wins” auction that is yet to be scheduled.

Beginning December 1, 2017, those Auction 99 applications that were not mutually exclusive with others, called singletons, must file a complete FCC Form 349 (also called a “Long Form”) with the FCC. These applications are exempt from the FCC’s auction procedures. By public notice, the FCC has set a 20-day window, ending December 21, 2017, for singletons to complete this filing. Don’t file early, and don’t file late. In either case, those applications will be dismissed.

Applicants are probably generally aware if their application is a singleton, but to be sure, check the list. As full 349s are filed, those applications will be afforded cut-off protection against those filed in later days. In some situations, this cut-off protection should prompt applicants to file on the first day of the 20-day window. Check with your consulting engineer.

Once a full Form 349 is filed, the FCC will issue a public notice announcing that the application is accepted for filing. A 15-day period for petitions to deny will follow. Assuming no such petitions are filed, grants of the pending applications will follow, and permits issued will have a 3-year construction period.

A second FM translator filing window for all AM classes of stations (A, B, C & D) is expected in coming months.