Cross-Service FM Translator Settlement/Resolution Deadline

Posted on October 31st, 2017 by

The FCC has moved forward in its process of considering the over 1000 applications filed by AM stations for new FM translators in a special filing window earlier this year. Specifically, the FCC issued a notice identifying all of the filed applications that were “mutually exclusive” with others filed during the window, meaning that for technical reasons, applications included in each mutually exclusive group cannot be granted. A list of those applications and groups can be found here. There are a total of 188 applications on the list, or about 20% of the total applications filed.

The notice sets November 29, 2017 for applicants to reach settlement agreements or file technical amendments to their applications to resolve the conflicts. For the limited purpose of these discussions/negotiations, the FCC’s anti-collusion rules are waived.

For applicants that were not included on the list, the FCC will issue a separate notice (exactly when is not clear) for these “singleton” applicants to file a complete FCC Form 349 so that a permit can be granted. That notice will likely include a deadline for filing complete applications.

A second filing window is to be scheduled for all AM classes of stations (A, B, C & D) in coming months. At this point, it appears that the FCC wants to process the applications from the August 2017 window first before getting to the next filing window.