Cross-Service FM Translator Auction 100 Long Form Filing Window Ending Soon; Settlement Window Also Scheduled

Posted on April 30th, 2018 by

Ten more days. Applicants that participated in Auction 100 to seek an FM translator for their AM station, and are not mutually exclusive with other applications, have until May 9, 2018 to file their complete Form 349 application and pay the filing fee. Applications must be filed in CDBS. There are 669 “singleton” applications for which a complete Form 349 must be filed. If a long form application is not submitted by that deadline, the application will be dismissed. The FCC has been quickly accepting these applications for filing and issuing a public notice that petitions to deny these applications can be filed for 15 days after the public notice.

For those Auction 100 applicants that are mutually exclusive with others filed in the window, the FCC announced a settlement window on April 3, 2018, allowing these applicants to begin discussing settlement solutions. Sometimes, a technical solution is possible by one applicant amending their application to specify different parameters. Applicants can also settle by reaching a mutual written agreement to allow one applicant to proceed, while others are dismissed. This agreement is submitted to the FCC for approval. Beginning on May 24th, technical amendments and settlement agreements can be filed with the FCC. The last day to do so will be June 14th.