Commercial FM Auction 98 Freeze

Posted on March 31st, 2015 by

In advance of a planned auction of 131 vacant commercial FM construction permits, scheduled to begin July 23, 2015, the FCC has announced a freeze on the filing of certain applications. No applications to modify any of the FM allotments, no petitions or counterproposals to change channel, class, community or coordinates, and no applications, petitions or counterproposals that fail to fully protect any of the allotments can be filed. The freeze went into effect March 16th and will automatically terminate the day after the filing deadline for post-auction long-form applications.

If you have any stations nearby, or would like to peruse (we apparently like that word today; second use) the list of possible CPs in order to participate in the auction, it might be a good idea to click on this list of the 131 allotments.