Comment Period Extended for FM Translator Interference Rules Revision

Posted on June 28th, 2018 by

When the FCC kicked off its rulemaking proceeding to consider changes to the FM Translator Interference rules, the comment deadline – July 6th, the end of what was likely to be a vacation week for many – caused more than a few furrowed brows. But after a request by several large organizations, the FCC has kicked that deadline down the road by 30 days to August 6, 2018. So there’s no more need to scramble to get comments on file.

That said, the need for input on these rule changes from both full power and FM translator licensees is important. The scope of the proposed changes will make an impact, potentially limiting how far out full power FM signals will be protected from FM translator interference. Stricter evidentiary requirements for proving interference are also on the table.