Calls for Lifting the TV Freeze Fall on Dear Ears

Posted on June 5th, 2013 by

The FCC’s freeze on the ability of full power and Class A stations to expand their facilities is now nearly two months old. And despite loud calls and heavy lobbying by the National Association of Broadcasters and others, the FCC seems quite
content to leave the freeze in place for what could be an extended period.

Under the freeze, the FCC is not accepting applications from full power and Class A stations that would increase a full power station’s noise limited contour or a Class A station’s protected contour in one or more directions beyond the area
resulting from the station’s present parameters as presented in licenses or construction permits in existence as of April 5, 2013. Also, if a Class A station qualifies for displacement, the displacement application cannot increase the station’s protected contour. The Bureau will waive the freeze in extenuating circumstances.

On the subject of the freeze, FCC Commissioner Pai recently wrote – in protest – that he was never told that a freeze was being imposed, and never given a normal 48-hour advance copy of the freeze notice so that he would have at least had some
knowledge before the freeze went into effect. In Commissioner Pai’s words, he and other Commissioners were “sidelined.” So much for the FCC’s pledge of transparency to the broadcasters.