C-Band Clearinghouse Begins Lump-Sum Reimbursement Process

Posted on May 31st, 2021 by

The long-awaited process for qualified C-Band registrants to receive lump-sum reimbursements has begun.  If your company timely filed with the FCC for lump-sum reimbursement for costs associated with relocating operations out of the C-Band, it may have recently received an email from Relocation Payment Clearinghouse LLC (RPC), which administers the cost-related aspects of the C-Band transition mandated by the FCC.  These emails were designed to obtain a primary point of contact responsible for submitting claims on behalf of the C-Band registrant.

The RPC’s system for submitting and processing claims associated with the C-Band relocation program is called COUPA. Claimants will establish a profile, submit claims, track the status of the claim, and communicate with RPC through COUPA.  Recent emails sent by RPC sought to establish contact through the info@CbandRPC.com email address.  Potential claimants looking to establish contact with RPC or understand the reimbursement procedures should reach out and visit www.cbandrpc.com/resources where a handbook on the process is available review.

If you have questions about the claim process or have not had contact from the RPC about establishing a point of contact for the lump-sum reimbursement process, please let us know.