Broadcast Call Sign Reservations Migrate to LMS

Posted on June 29th, 2022 by

At long last, the FCC’s archaic call sign reservation system has been decommissioned.  As of June 22, stations can reserve call signs for initial permits, exchanges, changes and contingent requests in the FCC’s Licensing & Management System (LMS), according to the FCC’s public notice announcing the change. Requests submitted any other way will be ineffective and dismissed.

The new system is already being used, and for the first time, call sign reservation requests are being announced via the FCC’s daily releases.  The new online form automatically connects requestors to the fee payment system so that the fee can be seamlessly paid and documented.

The FCC recently migrated many of its broadcast non-form filings to LMS as well.  Certain filings for AM stations remain the outlier at this point, but we understand those are being worked.