Biennial Ownership Report Deadline Set for Commercial Stations

Posted on August 28th, 2013 by

Commercial stations must file a biennial ownership report every two years (or every odd year for those of us looking for easy reminders).  So that means that 2013 is an ownership report filing year.  The good news is that the FCC is going to give stations more time to file those reports.  The FCC has decided to extend the deadline for filing biennial ownership reports from the original November 1, 2013 filing deadline to December 2, 2013.  No reports can be filed earlier than October 1, 2013 because that is the “as of” date for information to be reported.  That gives commercial stations a 63-day window to file the reports this fall.

Ultimately, the FCC has proposed to make the December deadline a permanent one, but they continue to extend/delay the broadcast ownership rulemaking proceeding where they have proposed that permanent change.