Annual Children’s TV Report and Commercial Limits Certifications Around the Corner

Posted on October 29th, 2021 by

In three months, commercial full power and Class-A TV stations will have to prepare and file children’s television reports for 2021 and upload children’s television commercial limits certifications to their public file for 2021.  The actual deadline is January 30, 2021 (which lands on a Sunday so it will roll to January 31, 2022 under the FCC’s rules).

Yes, we know that the deadline is far away but we also know that preparation of the children’s television report or commercial certifications requires deep dives into station records and programming for the past year, a very time-consuming process.  The good news?  The report is currently available and can be loaded in LMS so work can begin now.  Plus, stations can start reviewing records now for preparing the commercial limits public file certification.

Remember that the children’s television report requires inputs for compliance and totals for each quarter of the year, so the form can be completed now for at least the first three (3) quarters of 2021.  Stations can also make determinations now as to which compliance option they will use.

Did we say that we highly recommend starting on the 2021 children’s television report and commercial limits certification now?  If not, we’ll say it here.  We highly recommend starting on these now.