AM Revitalization Proceeding: Waiting For FCC Action

Posted on March 31st, 2014 by

The comments and reply comments on how to revitalize the AM band are all filed, and now the FCC has to read them and make some decisions.  The biggest question is how quickly AM stations might see relief.  The second biggest question is how far the FCC will go in granting that relief.

An AM-only FM translator filing window seems all but certain, though the scope and specifics of participation and eligibility will prove challenging.  Other technical rule changes are likely, though the FCC will probably begin there by adopting more moderate and practical changes first.  A slew of more comprehensive technical and interference rule changes could come later, but will likely not be decided when the FCC issues what we hope will be the first of many orders in this proceeding.

We’d be surprised if the FCC acted before this fall in this proceeding, but we hope it will be earlier, perhaps summertime.