A Unique Perspective

Posted on March 30th, 2020 by

Sixteen years ago, our boutique FCC law firm experienced Hurricane Katrina, which disrupted and permanently readjusted our personal and work lives.  We rebuilt everything on a resilient model that eliminated uncertainty and made it possible to work for clients anywhere, anytime.  The lessons we learned then apply to today’s coronavirus crisis.  Adjusting, refocusing and changing are part of the path forward.  Faith is also. Eventually, life and work do return to normal, and familiar routines resume. When they do, we’ll all be a bit more wise, humble and thankful.

As our email of two weeks ago indicated, we are available to serve you as needs arise, and will communicate new FCC developments as warranted.  All that we do is cloud based, so we can immediately access client files and promptly take actions when needed.  Our office phone lines are “twinned” to our cell phones, so dial us either way.  If you somehow reach our voicemail, we receive email notices of those and will respond the same day.  We regularly text with clients if that makes more sense for your situation.

Zero interruption; prompt responses; timely counsel.  It remains our privilege to serve you.  Let us know how we can help.  We’ll be there.