A Note About EEO Broadcast Station Audits

Posted on April 30th, 2018 by

One final note about the FCC’s most recent round of broadcast station EEO audits which featured novel email notices and responses simply uploaded to your station’s online public file. Just as they began with email notices (for most stations), “all clear” letters sent after a station’s response have been arriving by email as well. So watch your email inbox (or check your junk or spam filters) if you have not yet received a response from the FCC. For stations not included in this round of audits, be aware that an email is probably going to be how you hear from the FCC about an audit in the future.

Once your station’s audit is done, you might certainly be tempted to leave the original letter and your “all clear” letter in your email inbox or elsewhere. But it belongs in your station’s online public file. The original notice letter, your response, and the all-clear letter must be uploaded to the online public file and remain there until final action has been taken on your next license renewal application. Oh, and if only one of your stations was audited, but it was part of a station employment unit cluster of stations, then the EEO audit counts for all stations in the employment unit and belongs in those other stations’ online public files as well.