A New FAA Interference Condition on Permits?

Posted on August 25th, 2016 by

We recently saw a written condition on an FM translator permit that caught our attention. Here is the language:


Upon receipt of notification from the Commission that harmful interference is being caused by the operation of the permittee’s/licensee’s transmitter, the permittee’s/licensee’s shall either immediately reduce the power to the point of no interference, cease operation, or take such immediate corrective action as is necessary to eliminate the harmful interference. This condition expires after one year of interference-free operation.

We cannot recall seeing such a general condition in the past, and do not believe that the circumstances of the particular permit warranted a special FAA interference condition. We also find it odd that the condition would expire after one year, since spurious emissions are always possible. But that being said, we surmise that the FCC and FAA have agreed (probably formally, somewhere) to include this condition on permits. Whether it will appear on any permit or only on select ones remains to be seen.