2022 Annual Children’s TV Report and Commercial Limits Certifications Still Due

Posted on January 31st, 2023 by

Despite the filing extensions referred to earlier in this newsletter, the 2022 Children’s Television Report must still be filed, and the 2022 Children’s Television Commercial Limits Certification must still be uploaded to the station public file.

Failure to timely file the annual children’s television report, or the reporting of less than the required amount of core children’s television programming, can result in delays and fines during license renewal.  If a station has not aired the minimum number of hours, other efforts can be documented that may be considered by license renewal staffers in determining whether to refer a station’s license renewal to the full Commission for review.  We understand that numerous TV stations with reporting issues have had their renewal applications put on hold until the Video Division collectively refers all such applications to the Commission for action.  Fines or detailed consent decrees are likely for those stations.