2017 Biennial Ownership Report Due March 2nd

Posted on February 26th, 2018 by

If you’re reading this and have not yet filed your 2017 biennial ownership report, time is quickly running out. March 2, 2018 is the deadline for all broadcast stations (except low power FM stations or FM translator-only licensees) to file their 2017 biennial ownership reports.

The old CDBS ownership report is not being used any longer. You must use the ownership report form in the FCC’s License Management System, and log in with your FRN in order to file. The system has been slow at times, and periodically boots you out without an explanation. Overnight performance is better.

The issue we’ve previously pointed out about the filed ownership report not automatically populating in the station online public inspection file has finally been remedied. The report should show up in the public file on the day after it is filed, but double check to be sure.

One final note – the online public file is not a time to “over-achieve” by placing items in the file that don’t belong there, or by leaving in auto-populated items that are no longer required. Put only what is required by the rule, and nothing more. And be sure what you put in is done on time.